Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I love Pinterest. I have seen so many ideas that I would like to try. I've actually already tried a couple; recipes, crafts, jewelry. Some of the things I have pinned, I'm just going to have to wait to see what house we wind up with. At minimum, I am getting some inspiration for when we do get that house. More than likely, whatever house we get will need some updating, as most of the homes in the area are old and have never been updated :P


I would like to share an idea of my own. I actually came up with this a long time ago when we lived in North Carolina. Our kitchen had some very busy wallpaper that I was not a fan of. I took that down, and we painted. We hung new window treatments, and I put together a back splash for behind the stove. It's in storage now or I'd show it to you.

At the time, Scott was in preschool, and one of the dads owned a tile company. They made a lot of specialty tiles for individuals, and for Christmas, he came to the school and each of the children were able to make two ceramic tiles with their hand print on it. I. LOVED. it!!!! I wanted all my kids' hands on tiles. I asked the gentleman about it, and he said, oh sure! He even gave me all the stuff to do it with, AND he fired them for me. He just charged me for the tile, which was very inexpensive. I took one of the tiles from each child's hand and made a back splash. It really came out nice. The other tiles I had from the other hand, I just framed and hung up too.

In addition to paint, window treatment, and back splash, I bought a new cobalt blue tea kettle and a really pretty ceramic flower pot to put all my wooden spoons and cooking utensils in. I have always kept it on my counter. It is so convenient, and it adds color.
I know there are a lot of utensils in it, but I do a lot of cooking. 

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