Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Saturday, April 28, 2012


I love all kinds of crafts. Jewelry making is top on the list, and because I love photography so much, scrapbooking is up there too.  Lately, since a lot of my stuff is in storage, I've been doing little crafting. 

I have had a lot of birthday's and anniversaries come up, and so I've been trying to make cards. Mine aren't nearly as nice as some of the one's I've seen made by other crafters, but they are good enough to give, in my opinion. 

Sure wish I'd been taking pictures of some of the cards I've sent lately. I did, however, take a picture of my most recent one. It is still in the making.
I saw a really cute idea on Pinterest I've been wanting to try; button magnets. I've noticed I'm not the only one that has pinned that idea and thought it might make a cute little gift. So, I decided to use it with making a card. I think I need to add some leaves to this and maybe a bit of bling, and it would be real cute. Ya know, I could even made balloons out of the buttons too.
Again, need come leaves and bling. I think I could probably head on over to the craft store and purchase some sequin leaves, maybe also instead of drawing the stem, use ribbon. What you ya'll think? Any suggestions? So far, I think this might just turn out to be a fun anniversary or wedding card.

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