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Monday, April 23, 2012

Speed Trap in Baskin, Louisiana

I had a pretty good weekend, just back from Baton Rouge. I went down to visit my daughter and her husband. While there, I was able to go to one of Ashley's dance recitals to see her girls dance. The only complaint I had....it was WAAAAAYY toooooo long!!!!! Over 60 numbers. 

I left just shortly after ten this morning. It was a wonderful sunny day. All was well, until I hit the town of Baskin, Louisiana (just over an hour or so from home). This little town has about 200 residents, so if you aren't careful, you will miss it.

The drive between Baton  Rouge and Monroe isn't too bad. The only thing you really need to worry about it your speed. I'm not one that usually speeds anyway. If I do, it is on the interstate and I might go five over, but not more. 

To keep me from speeding, I use my cruise control, unless it is raining. Today, it being sunny and all, I was using my cruise. Typically in these small towns that dot Louisiana, you will see the speed signs go from 65 to 55 to 45 to 35 then back up to 45, 55, 65. You have to be very attentive. It's very hard to keep track of the speed as it changes so many times, that's why you need to keep alert and just use your cruise to slow down and speed up. I will have to say, it keeps you from falling asleep.

Today, as I entered Winnsboro, the town just before Baskin, I slowed down as it stated on the speed signs, using my cruise. To be honest, I can't recall now what the speed was, but I know I was messing with my cruise to match the speed limit signs. Soon it was again 55. As it typically does, just a few feet away was a 65 sign; I was cranking it up some more. I still was under 55, when I look in my rear view mirror and what do I see? A cop with his lights on. I was very puzzled, as I was not even doing the speed limit.

I pulled over, and was digging my insurance, drivers licence, and registration out, when he approached the window. I asked why I was being stopped. I REALLY had no clue. He proceeded to tell me I was going 61 in a 50. FIFTY? Where the heck was 50 (I probably missed this while looking at my speedometer to make sure I was going the right speed)? Well, it didn't matter because I wasn't going 61. Fifty-three? maybe, but 61? no.

This police was very expressionless. He took my information and headed back to his car. Several minutes later, he comes back with a ticket. Again, I asked about it. He told me I was doing 61 in a 50. I told him I was not doing 61. I told him I had my cruise on. He said, "Ma'm, NO one uses their control in town". I looked at him and said, "Well, I do!" He didn't even look at me, and said, "mmmmhumm." I asked if he was calling me a liar, he shrugged his shoulders and left. HOW RUDE!! Let me add, I was being very calm at the time.

Ok, first off, in town? Well, there really is no town. There is a couple of deserted looking gas stations, but pretty much where he was saying I was speeding, that is all. Second off, I use my cruise so I DON'T speed! So this won't happen. 

As I headed down the road, I decided to call the police department, and find out it was $135 ticket! WHAT!?!?!? I called my insurance and told them about it, and he asked me if I was going through a school zone. Nope. Then he asked if it was construction. Nope. Our insurance guy really had no clue as to why it was so high. Well, the answer is......BASKIN!

Here are some interesting articles about this. Click here for one article and here for another. 

This is not the end of the story. I called their local newspaper, and talked to a reporter there that said this goes on way too much. He gave me a contact person in the Sheriff department, so hopefully, all will be made right. Yes, if I was speeding, I deserve the ticket. I still would not be happy, and mad at myself. But, GOOD GRIEF! I was not speeding. Heck, why didn't he stop the people who were passing me? I guess because I was easier to catch...


  1. Well, now what happened to me today makes more sense. I got told I was going 61 in a 50 as well, and your description of the officer matches the guy who pulled me over. Did you ever get things made right?

    1. No I did not. I did right a letter to the editor in the Monroe and Baskin papers. I also spoke with the Baskin mayor, she's a trip, let me tell you! But I would still call her. I was not able to go to court, as we moved to KY just before my court date so I had to pay it. When I did, I wrote a letter to the judge, doubt he got it though. I also emailed Bobby Jindle, but doubt he got it,as I never heard from him. I really wish more of us would make a stink. This is so wrong. The letter to the editor in the Monroe paper spurred a phone call to me. I did not know the man but he told me a similar story he had in the same area. Please let me know the outcome of your ticket. If you wind up needing a testimony from me, I will be glad to send one to you if you fight this. I am 52 years old, and have never been stopped before let alone get a ticket because I am a very careful driver. My kids are always telling me I could at least go 5 miles over. Now when the say that, I say, "Hey, if I get a ticket for going the speed limit, no telling what would happen if I went 5 over." Good luck, and keep me posted!

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