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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Curtain Dilemma, Solved!

So yesterday, I posted about my curtain dilemma. I wasn't 100% happy with any of them. I sent my mom the pictures, and we discussed possibilities, but I still was not satisfied.

Funny thing is, I wound up really liking the green ones, but not for our pool table area. Instead I wound up taking them upstairs to our bedroom and hanging them with the sheers I had up there. I REALLY liked them. Originally, I had planned to do turquoise in there; I never thought of doing green in our bedroom.  I Googled green bedroom and saw a gorgeous room that I think I might try to mimic a little. 
Don't ya love it!?

Okay, now back to the subject at hand...curtains. Like I said I took the green curtains upstairs, and this is what they look like with the white sheers.
Don't look too closely at the ugly blinds. I'd like to change those out with bamboo blinds (the ones that are very private). I love the crispness of the white and green. Did you know green is very soothing? Perfect for a bedroom!

Now back to the window in the Pipe and Slippers Room...

Since I really liked the lace sheers AND the toile, I just went with both.
I liked both of these, yet didn't like them. I figured out what it was I did not like. They were wimpy looking. So, I just made it look layered. These will never be pulled. I do plan to also replace the shade with a bamboo Roman shade...someday. 
Remember I mentioned in my last post about how I couldn't find long enough curtains? Well, as you see these are not 95". I actually think they work. You really can't tell in this picture, but the molding comes up pretty high, and in person, it looks like I meant to have them come this length. 
I also think that since there is going to be so much traffic in this room, with kids and such, that keeping the curtains off the floor is probably a good idea. 
The paneling in this room looks reddish in these pictures, but in actuality, they are brown.
So, now I have my window done, well almost. Now I need to hang pictures and figure out what to do with all our games. Any ideas?

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