Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Decisions, Decisions...

We have a room that my mom refers to as, The Pipe and Slippers Rooom. I have to say, that is a very good name for that room. It has tasteful paneling with dental molding, a big fireplace with brick and a large mantel, and to top it off, we have our cherry pool table in there.  It also has a large window. The curtains on this window are U GA LEEEE!!!!

At first I thought maybe to hang white sheers. That was a big NO! Too much of a contrast. I need 95" curtains since the room is sunken. I have looked everywhere for 95" curtains and have had zero luck. I've looked online, but not too impressed with what I've seen. So, I might just have to make them. UG!

Before I get material, I want to make sure what I pick I will like, so, I went to Lowes, bought several panels I like, came home and hung each one up. I'd like to get ya'lls opinion....

I love lace and sheers. As I mentioned before, the white is just too, well WHITE! So what about a tea stained color lace sheer? Did I mention I love lace?
Here is the view from the family room
Here's the view from the kitchen
I don't really have them hanging up there too well, but you get the idea.
I am not normally a fan of toile, but when I saw this I fell in love. It has a tea stained background with black design.
Again first view is from the family room, the second from the kitchen.
 Here is another toile. I love the colors, yellow back ground
blue print.
 Then last but not least, we have green. When I was a little girl, green was my favorite color. While I still like green, it is not my fav.
I like this color, not sure about in the room though. I love the print, very tropical. It has flowers and butterflies on it.

Ok, now, what do you think? The feel I am trying for is a Colonial Caribbean look. I have pictures of the tropics that will go in this room. They have light frames and cobalt blue matting. The pictures have vibrant Caribbean colors of water, trees and buildings.


  1. I'll be honest. I LOVE the lace hate the ring effect. I don't know why but I have to avoid them in my house which is always a pain. Would something that covered about 75% the window in lace with a real material top work?

    1. Thanks for your honesty. I've had a hard time with the ring thing, so I just made something. I will be blogging about it in a few weeks.