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Friday, August 3, 2012

Foto Friday
Rear End

Just last week, I discovered there is a photography club in our area. They meet once a month, and I plan to go to their next meeting.
I also found out that they have a facebook, and weekly challenges. Perfect for my Foto Fridays!

This week, the challenge was 
Rear End.

Of course the first thing I thought of was probably what you thought of too. I really did not want to go there. I like to try to think outside the box. Then I remembered a picture I had taken years ago. I wasn't sure it would count, as the challenge was to get us out taking pictures, but I couldn't resist. Then I remembered our scanner does not work, so I took a picture of the picture. Technically I took the picture this week, right? Well, it still doesn't count, but I shared it any way because it so fits!
Don't you think?
This is actually a picture of my mom and my now 19 year old son when he was just less than two. I just love it!

Well, now, back to the challenge. Rear End. hmmmm. I thought of maybe trying to find a caboose, but the only one I know of that is close is on someone's property, and I'm not sure I can go take a picture of it.
Then I thought of taking some pictures of ducks. You know, ducks out on a pond. Have you ever seen ducks out on the pond when they dunk their heads in and their "rear ends" pop up?

This week has just gotten away from me! I had to make a trip up to Evansville to see a doctor, which took me all day. Then I had to register my youngest son for high school. That took almost all day, since he was a new student. Then our oldest son registered for welding school, and they had him as out of state, so the next day we headed to the college to get that fixed, that took all day. Another day this week, I spent all day at WalMart getting tires, and then having to deal with an eye doctor for my other son's eyes. Tomorrow I will be spending the day in soccer mode. Anyway, you get the picture, this week was pretty much shot!

So, I went with the second thing I thought of...the rear end of a car. As I watched my husband hitch up the trailer for a short trip he had to take to pick something up, I decided to try to get creative. Then as I sat there ready to take the picture, I spotted something, and my idea changed. Yes, I still took a picture of the rear end of the car, but....
of my reflection. 
Then I played around with it....
Pretty cool, don't ya think?

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