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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Swingin' Sista's

Almost exactly 18 years ago I was in a dance recital. Yep, that's me, on the far right. I might look a bit on the heavy side there, but I was six months pregnant with our youngest son.

We lived in Wilmington, NC at the time and my daughter took dance from Miss Terrie at Techniques in Motion. We loved that studio, and still miss it. 

At the time, I hadn't taken any dance classes for a number of years. Terrie had asked if any adults were interested. At first we had several that came, but  the three of us were the ones that stayed. We called ourselves The Swinging Sisters; I think because of the song we did our recital number too.

Fast forward, and now my daughter, Ashley is now a degreed dancer, teaching in a few studios in the Baton Rouge area and teaching yoga. Me? Well, I'm not doing any dancing at the moment. I did take a class while we lived in Indiana about five or so years ago. I just haven't been able to find an adult tap class, that is one that is for older adults like myself.

I'm still looking................................

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