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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Home For Our Palm Trees

As I mentioned in a previous post, we had quite the busy weekend. One of the things we got accomplished was to give our palm trees a new home.
We have had very little rain (yes, I did try to keep these watered) and it has been so hot; not to mention all the abuse they have received during this move. 
Remember what they use to look like before we moved? 
When we moved them, they were in the back of the van (for 8 plus hours). The sun was shining on them through the back window which burnt some of their fronds. Now they are pot bound. 
So, we got them a new home.
This should last them a little while
We have noticed a lot of the pots you buy now do not have holes in the bottom. You need to make sure to drill some so the water can drain properly. Bill drilled about five holes in the bottom of these pots.
Looks better already!
Bill loves to work with plants. 
See the new growth? I just think these trees might come out of it.
And there ya go!
Here's the pillows the other way.
I think I like the pillows the first way best.
What do you think?

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