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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Curtain Jewelry

If you are wanting to see my Bead Soup Blog Party reveal click here and you will be taken there....

Alright, so I promised you an explanation as to why in the world I made curtain jewelry for one of the pieces in my Bead Soup reveal.

Ok, now, here's the story. As you know, we just moved. In our home are window treatments. Some I like, others, well, not so much. In our master bedroom, all that was left were some ugly torn up blinds. I still have not replaced them as of yet, as I am looking for some inexpensive bamboo Roman shades that allow us total privacy. Most just have partial privacy, and that is not going to work in a bedroom.

So, anyway, the rod was left, and I really like it. It does have one problem, though, some of the hardware is missing. I've been looking all over for the clips that you use to hang sheers, but all I find is the entire kit, and I don't need the whole thing, just the clips

I decided I could probably make some and this is what I came up with.

First off you will need alligator clips. Ones that have holes in them. I really wanted gold, to match the metal in the existing rings, but, no luck. I found these silver ones at Hobby Lobby, and then bought some gold wire, so it will be silver and gold.
First, I strung my beads onto the wire
Then I threaded the wire into the hole and wrapped the wire around the clip. 
I know it's hard to see, but after a few times around with the wire, I brought the wire up between the two "flaps" on either side of the clip.
Then I slid the beads down to the clip,
Made a loop and wrapped the wire. I elected to use the messy version of wrapping, which I liked best for this project.
As you can see the loop on the wooden ring is partial open, allowing you to easily put your beaded clip through. 
Then you clip onto the curtains.
Sorry things are a bit blurry, but I think you get the idea. Boy! I really need a macro lens, but that will have to wait...maybe for Christmas?

Anyway, I didn't wind up actually putting these in our bedroom. I wound up putting them up in our family room. My mom calls our family room the "Pipe and Slipper's Room" and actually it tends to have that feeling. We have a pool table in there, and it has a very nice paneling on the wall. I figured I had to do something to lighten it up a bit.
Here are the curtains that were on there before. Not only are they heavy and oh so not my style, but they were faded and dirty.
And this is my after curtains. You know, I really like this idea. I just might have to do this in my bedroom too, but maybe get some fun beads for in there, like flower beads, or butterfly beads, or SHELLS!!! Ya, Shells!!!!!
Here's another look.
If you want to see a closeup of the beads, just click on the picture, you will see a larger picture.
Oh, and eventually, I want bamboo blinds on these windows too, but that will have to wait.


  1. Terry, that's a wonderful idea! I don't think I would have ever thought to use beads like that - I love how your curtains are now a piece of art (and I am sure the subject of the talk for whomever sees them!)

    1. Thanks! I've been trying to figure out how to use my jewelry making skills in the home.

  2. Those are some glamorous curtain rings! Extra credit to you for thinking outside the box!

  3. I love that idea... && I need to get some curtains up, so I think I know how I will be putting them up. thanks.

  4. Hi! I love this curtain jewelry...it really adds more beauty to the curtains and windows!
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