Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Thursday, February 7, 2013


I'm not sure who said this, but I love the quote. I had a pitcher with this on it that I loved! Sunday when I was putting the clean dishes away, I carefully put this pitcher on the shelf where it belongs. As I was closing the doors to the cupboard, the shelf began to fall. I tried to catch my pitcher, but no luck. UGG!  Instead of screaming, yelling or even crying. I just stood there. My husband turned to me and asked if I was ok. "No" I quietly said. I mean physically, I was fine, but I was REALLY upset. 

I stood there for a moment looking at all the pieces, then to my husband and back to my pitcher that was in a billion pieces, and sighed. I was remembering what he always says, "No since fretting over it if there is nothing you can do about it..." He told me I could get another one. As we picked up the pieces and swept up the mess, I looked at him and told him I probably couldn't get another one. We looked on line, and I was right. No where on line could I find it. 

I remember when I first bought this, it was from Hobby Lobby---on clearance.  So, yeah, probably not going to find another one; and if I did, I was surely not going to use it as a water pitcher again. I would put an arrangement in it and enjoy it.

So, here are the pieces. I can still see the saying on it, "Everyday there is a reason to celebrate." Yes, everyday there is a reason to celebrate, just not my pitcher. 

As I look at all the pieces, my creative mind is trying to figure out how to make something out if them. Since many of the pieces are rounded, I can't make a mosaic. So, I guess I will just have to throw them away; or maybe I'll keep them for a little while longer. Maybe something will pop into my mind...Anyone have any ideas?

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