Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Is Silence Really Golden?

Silence is Golden;
Well, at Least Most of the Time...

Saturday was a pretty nice day. The sun was out and it wasn't that cold. Still needed a coat, but I didn't freeze.

Bill and I had some running around to do, and after we got home and put all our groceries and stuff away, we took it easy. I had some laundry to do, but for the most part, we just sat around and watched a little TV. 
I was messing around with my camera and pictures, and noticed Bill disappeared. I quietly went around the house looking for him, and noticed a light on upstairs. So, I tiptoed up the steps, and there he was, doing one of his favorite things; reading a book.
As I sat at the top of the stairs, I noticed I was being watched. Soon, Sox came up and joined me. 
We just laid there for a few minutes enjoying the silence. You know, sometimes I really do miss all the commotion that use to be in our home.  When we had four little ones running around; from top to bottom there were six years. Ya....silence is golden, but so are the sounds of happy little children.

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