Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Monday, February 4, 2013

Virgin Snow

I know I've mentioned a gazillion times before, I don't like cold weather; I am a warm weather gal. But I will admit, there is something about virgin snow...you know that new snow that has not been touched by a single living thing.
Sunday morning, we were woken up by a phone call; a call letting us know that church had been cancelled due to snow.
Snow?! Where did that come from? I know where it came from, I mean, well, I don't remember hearing we were suppose to get any. I jumped out of bed, looked out the window, and there it was! Something that always amazes me about show; you can go to sleep and not hear it. You wake up and there it is! Not at all like rain. I grew up with rain; lots of it. But anyway...back to the snow.
There it was! Not much, but it was there and it looked like it was a surprise not only to me, but to the town too. Usually, the roads are clear, but not today. I'm sure it was quite slick too, that is why they cancelled church.
So, I laid there for awhile. Then the phone rang again; church is cancelled. *sigh* I laid back down, and yes, the phone rang again. Ya gotta laugh! Hey, at least we were called instead of us showing up and no one there. That has happened before. I'd much rather get a million phone calls, than none.
Well, I finally got out of bed and got dressed, and headed out with my camera.
I took advantage of the blue skies and the quickly melting snow. It was very pretty.
I also took advantage of being the first to walk in the virgin snow.

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