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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Soup Has Arrived!!!!!

Hey, everyone, my soup has arrived, and I am busy creating. Tammie Everly sent me a lot of really cool stuff, so let me show you.
When I first opened the package, I saw the pretty bright colors, AND noticed...she read several of my posts of my blog! How can I tell? Well....Terry Jeanette on the card. You can read about it to see what I mean by clicking here. I thought it was just too funny.
I started reading her note, and just couldn't wait any longer. Especially since I noticed in her note she referred to package #1 first. Well, of course I needed to follow the note by opening each package as she described what was in them.
Package #1 had a focal and some coordinating polymer clay. She has been working with the clay for about three years. She used her favorite technique Mokume Gane to make these. With this technique, each piece is always different. I love that, since most all my pieces are one of a kind. I've never worked with polymer clay, and am excited to have the opportunity to create something with it now.
Aren't they cool? I love the colors, and guess what? I already made something with the focal.......and LOVE it!
Package #2...Two handmade clasps, by Tammie of course. The first is a wire clasp from raw copper and she aged it. I love it. 
Already know what I'm doing with it...hehehe. The other is really cool too, and I already used it in a piece. Yes, already. Seems my creative juices are overflowing right now.
Package #3...coordinating beads and also some copper barrels. The same barrels are on the bottom clasp above. 
Here a couple of pictures of the beads. I took pictures of all the beads in the package, but when I got them downloaded, some of the pictures were REALLY blurry!!!
The beads in this package are copper, wood, stone, ceramic and faceted glass. Already know what I want to do with these too. 
Package #4 Some more Mokume Gane, and I LOVE, LOVE the colors in these babies!
I already put something together with these, and I have a feeling, my daughter might want to steal it.
Then there was package #5. Yep, that is sari ribbon in there. I have never worked with sari ribbon, but have been wanting to try it out. THANK YOU, TAMMIE! 
Aren't the colors GORGEOUS?! I might get stumped on this, but I am for sure going to use it. 
Also, in package 5 where these chip stones. I started out working with a lot of these chips and love them. I haven't used them for awhile, and am excited to use these in my soup. Funny, thing is, I sent Tammie some chips too.

Tammie, I am VERY happy with my gift. I just hope you are as happy with what I sent you. Nothing was damaged, and I am definitely NOT bummed. :D


  1. What a GREAT SOUP!!! What reveal are you? You have so much fun stuff to work with!

  2. Erin uses fiber a good deal in her jewelry. It might give you some ideas: http://www.erinsiegeljewelry.blogspot.com/

  3. Terry~ Looking forward to see what you create, glad you like the sari ribbon, it's fun to work with. As for those chips, I laughed to myself that we sent similar colors && chips to one another...great minds think alike!

    1. I thought the same thing. It is too funny. We must be soul sisters. It will be interesting to see what we both come up with.lol

  4. So pretty, can't wait to see what you create!