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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


My name....something I have never been fond of. When I was young, I really hated it. I wanted to be called by my middle name; Jeanette. I love that name. 
I'm about 3 here.
As I've gotten older, I have grown to love my middle name more. Why? Well, because it was my grandmother's middle name, and her grandmother's middle name. I give my daughter the same name--as a middle name. 
My grandma...Juanita Jeanette
When I was in high school, I changed the spelling of my name. Instead of Terry, like a boy, I spelled it Terri. I like that much better, and actually didn't mind my name anymore. But, when I graduated and saw that my name was Terri on my diploma, I figured that shouldn't be. My birth certificate says Terry. So I went back to T-E-R-R-Y.

Lately, I am back to hating my name. I have always gotten mail for Mr Terry...  Even when I was a little girl.  Lately, it has gotten worse. I am always getting phone calls for Mr. Terry Carter Just the other day I went to the doctor. When the lady came in to give me my paper work, she knocked on the door and asked for Mr. Carter. When she came in and saw me, she asked if my husband stepped out. I looked at her and said (with a very sad voice), I'm Mr. Carter. It was not a very happy look. Then she came up to me and complimented me about the shirt I was wearing. PLEASE do not do that to me. I wasn't really rude, I just gave her a look like, REALLY?
My daughter Ashley Jeanette
Several years ago my daughter started having people call her Ashley Jeanette. I think I might follow suite. So from now on when I go anywhere where they need my name, it will be Terry Jeanette. Yes, Terry Jeanette on the first name line....And I will insist, because I am tired of being mistaken for a man. Nothing against men, but I AM a woman...

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