Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Monday, February 25, 2013

Grandma's Quilt

I am the oldest grandchild on my mother's side. I didn't get to spend as much time with my grandparents or extended family as many of you probably do. Growing up in Florida and all my relatives living in Colorado made it difficult to do so. I count our family lucky, though, because we were able to go visit them almost every summer. I also feel lucky because my parents made sure we did not feel as strangers to our grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. We still felt very close to them, even though we lived so far away.
I remember my grandmother very well. I feel very privileged to be named after her; we both share the same middle name, Jeanette. Grandma loved to cook, and she was one of the best bakers I know. She also liked to do other crafts including sewing. When Bill and I got married, Grandma gave us a very special gift.
She had put together, by hand, a very nice quilt. She even signed and dated it.
I have to be honest, very few times have I used it on our bed. You see, I didn't want to mess it up. We have moved around a lot, and in some of the homes we lived I had a place to display it. In our most recent place, it now is one of the first things you see as you entry our front door.
Not sure it will stay during the summer, as the sun shines right in the front windows and right on the area I have the quilt now; so I will probably have to put it up. But for now, it is where everyone who comes through our front door can enjoy it...including me.

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