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Friday, February 1, 2013

The Pink Hat--Foto Friday

The photography club I am a part of has a challenge going on...365 days of photos. For the month of January, the theme has been a hat. With the same hat, take a picture everyday. I chose a pink ski hat I bought while we were living in Louisiana. This pink hat and I have been through a lot this past month:
January 31 The Pink Hat at Pilates
January 30 The Pink Hat at Yoga
January 29 The Pink Hat looking out for storms that are coming our way
Oops, I forgot to do January 28, so there are two January 29's.  The Pink  Hat waiting for a movie
January 27 The Pink Hat doing some drumming
January 26 The Pink Hat styling some handmade jewelry done with recycled materials
January 25 The Pink Hat playing video games
January 24 The Pink Hat hanging out at the family photo gallery
January 23 The Pink Hat has a new friend
January 22 The Pink Hat loves family history
January 21 The Pink Hat
January 20 The Pink Hat reading scriptures
January 19 The Pink Hat hanging out in Waverly, TN
January 18 The PInk Hat hanging out with the deer
January 17 The Pink Hat enjoying the weather with the flamingo
January 16 The Pink Hat waiting to play some pool
January 15 The Pink Hat on the wrong end
January 14 The Pink Hat
January 13 The Pink Hat
January 12 The Pink Hat wondering where all the snow is
January 11 The Pink Hat and Sox
January 10 The Pink Hat with  some family members
January 9 The Pink Hat helping out with the cleaning
January 8 The Pink Hat
January 7 The Pink Hat helping to take down Christmas decorations
January 6 The Pink Hat...glad to be home from a long trip
January 5 The Pink Hat somewhere in Nebraska
January 4 The Pink Hat helping Ben to settle down in his new dorm room
January 3 The Pink Hat playing in the snow in Idaho
January 2 The Pink Hat somewhere in Wyoming helping to melt the ice in our bottles
January 2 The Pink Hat...had to do two January 2 since Bill was such a sport to model the hat
January 1 The Pink Hat visiting some dogs
Seems like The Pink Hat took on her own personality. I noticed the other photographers who joined in with this challenge had some wonderful pictures, some of their hats also took own his or her own personality.
For the month of February the theme is  
and it is my plan to photograph things I love.

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