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Saturday, February 23, 2013

High Cholesterol!!

About three weeks ago, I went to the doctor to get established as a new patient. Last time we relocated, I didn't establish a family doctor until I was in the hospital with blood clots. A lot of the medical personal at the hospital really got on to my case about that. I don't normally go to the doctor unless I am sick. It was kinda funny going to see this new doctor. I felt as if they were puzzled as to why I was coming in. 

Anyway, my new doctor took a fasting blood work up. Everything except my cholesterol seemed to be fine. It was 205! Yikes! Wasn't that long ago when it was in the 130's. Recently, I had been eating eggs, not a whole lot. Since I've started exercising, I felt I needed more protein before I left in the mornings for the gym. I would have ONE egg, with one piece of whole wheat toast NO butter.

Today, our local hospital was having a health screening  I decided to go and get my cholesterol taken. My blood pressure was up, it usually is when I know I am going to be stuck. Also, I felt kind of jittery since I was fasting and I have a tendency to be hypoglycemic. It was not too high though. My glucose was 63. Not surprised. Then I waited to be called for my cholesterol.

By then time I got in to get stuck again, I was about to pass out. BUT!!! I made it. Then I saw the numbers 215?!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT?!!! I have not had ONE egg in about three weeks, not even in a cake or cookie, etc. What is going on? Well, it is back to the eggs for breakfast. Seems when I have eggs, my weight goes down. When I cut them out, my weight has been creeping back up again. 

I don't really understand what is going on with my cholesterol. I DO NOT want to take statins. I tend to have leg cramps anyway (even though I drink only water, and plenty of it, AND and a banana everyday.) One of the side affects for statins are leg cramps. I guess this is one more thing to talk to my doctor about Monday when I go see him. Will be interesting to see what he says.

By the way, this goes to show you that eggs are NOT necessarily the culprit when it comes to high cholesterol. Everyone keeps telling me that it is all genetic. I KNOW that! Here's the thing....my dad has LOW and my mom has high cholesterol. As I said before, I have always had very LOW; that is until I hit 40. Then it jumped form 130ish to 160ish. Slowly it has been creeping up. Two years ago it went form the 160ish to 180ish, and I asked my doctor about that. She was not concerned. She told me not to worry because it is under 200. Well, now that it is OVER 200....everyone seems to be having heart failure. 

In my opinion, something needs to be done about our crappy food. Even our raw fruits and veggies are not good for us anymore. There are too many extra things they put in them to make them look pretty or last longer. This has got to stop, because it is affecting our health.

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