Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dark Circles...

This was actually a good day for no dark circles. I was on a cruise and had gotten a little color on my face, and, therefore, they did not show up too much. One does need to be careful to not get too much sun....cancer!

How many of you have issues? We all have issues, but the kind of issues I'm talking about are issues on looking and feeling better. I have several, myself, I need to loose some weight, I wish I had a tan, wish my hair was not so flat, I could go on. A lot of these I can do something about. I can exercise more and eat less. I have learned that as I go through menopause, I have to eat practically nothing, and work out as if I am training for a world class triathlon. As far as the tan goes, I have turned to self tanners. The only problem with those, is I love to swim and go to the beach, and when I use self tanners, I have to stay away from the pool and the ocean. Not good!!! I am probably the most fair person most of you have heard of. Being a natural blonde, my skin is about as light as my hair, and therefore, is pretty transparent...it's pretty gross if you ask me, being able to see all my purple veins, well, not a pretty picture....


The one thing that has bugged me for years, is the dark baggie circles under my eyes. I have tried EVERYTHING. I even tried some expensive stuff, and nothing, I mean, NOTHING, works! I have even asked the dermatologist, but all they say is that I have allergies. The only allergies I have are to penicillin and a few other medications, oh and mascara, which I do NOT use. That was a hard one to give up! Very rarely do I have any sinus problems, well maybe when it is really cold, my nose runs, but other than that no...nada! When I do get sick it is usually the throat or chest thing...bronchitis, or strep throat. Those should not cause baggie eyes.

I have been told that I look young for my age. When I take my glasses off, though, I'm sure that changes. My dark circles make me look tired, and therefore, puts some age on me.

So, what have you done about your dark baggie circles; those of you who have been plagued with them? I have tried to cover them up, but actually I think it makes them look worse sometimes. When you cover then up, you also cover up the area around the circles, so basically all you've done is put cover up on the places that need it and places that don't. So, really, it does not change anything except you have lighter area under the eyes. Any hints? Products that have not put you in the poor house that actually work? I'd like to hear what works or does not work for you.

By the way, I don't drink coffee, tea, or sodas of any kind (I just drink lots, and lots of water), I don't smoke or drink any alcohol, ever! I know these are some products that contribute to dark circles. I do sleep on my stomach, and I have heard that can contribute to dark baggie eyes. Lately, I've tried to sleep on my back. I start out ok, but in the middle of the night, I wake up on my stomach, so I am not having much luck with that.

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