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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kitchen Thoughts

Just about every house we look at in Kentucky needs some work. Mostly just paint and flooring. Some need wall paper taken down (not my favorite thing to do), others need something done with the dark 70's paneling in the basement. There are a lot that need some bad stenciling painted over too. 

Since I had some time to kill in the afternoons, I went to different stores and checked out paint colors.  I pretty much knew what I want, but just need to see what else is out there. Maybe even get inspired. 

I love yellow, always have. I remember taking an interior design class in college, some 30 years ago, and even back then, the kitchen I designed was yellow.

Our house now has mostly beiges, browns, and khaki greens. It looks really nice, but since I do believe we will not have an open floor plan, I want to go with more color.
We have had this picture for a number of years. I love the colors. I think it is perfect for the kitchen, so I believe I will use this as my inspiration piece.
You really can't tell here, but the paint chip on the left is a very soft yellow...Champagne Sparkle. The wood is from our current kitchen table.
Just look at these paint colors. I think they go really well with the colors in the picture. Since I am not sure what house we're getting, I will just have to wait and see what colors I will actually use. I may just go with the yellow and paint the molding white. Maybe I will just go with blue as an accent color. I'm sure I'll change my mind a zillion times.

In our house now we have plantation type blinds, but our last house had bamboo blinds. I really like bamboo! I might go with the bamboo in the kitchen, especially if is on the back of the house.

Well, these are my thoughts for our kitchen. I have ideas for other rooms too...but I'll share those later.

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