Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Saturday, February 4, 2012


foto friday on saturday...

week 6

This weeks Foto Friday theme is

This past week, I went to Kentucky to spend time with Bill. While there, we did a little house shopping.
On the way up, I held my camera in my lap and took a few shots.
Did you know there are a lot of towns between here and there with green in their name? Here is one...
There are a lot of lights too. Of course, we hit most of them red. At least my picture of the green light was not blurry from the moving car.
This time of year was not easy to find green pastures.
I finally saw some green.
We stopped to get gas, and I was playing with Bill's green water bottle. It turned everything upside down.
These are pretty interesting bushes. There are a lot of them as you travel through Tunica, Mississippi.
They almost look prehistoric.
To me greenery could be just about anything. Green was my favorite color when I was a little girl. It isn't anymore, but I still think it is pretty; and I am grateful that I have a descent pair of eyes that can see all the beautiful greenery in the world.

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