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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Two Week Challenge

I just found this really cool blog, http://bepreparednotscared.blogspot.com/2010/02/two-week-challenge.html . It's a blog about preparedness. We should all be prepared, that is not to say that I think we are all going to die in Dec 2012, or that I am a "doomsdayer." There are all kinds of emergencies that come our way; the loss of a job and weather are just a couple that come to my mind. 

Our church has taught us for many years, that we all need to be prepared. When we lived in coastal North Carolina, we had a 72 hour survival kit. There were times, because of a hurricane, that we had to use it. It was so nice to not be one of the millions who rushed to the store to load up on bread, batteries, and other survival essentials.  We already had it. We never had to evacuate because we lived eight miles inland, but if we did need to, all we had to do is grab our kids, kits, and be on our way. 
This is Hurricane Fran, one of the hurricanes we experienced living in Wilmington, NC

I actually like the challenge that this blogger did. In their church, they were challenged to not go to the store for two weeks! To live off of what they already had. Could you do this? Right now, I think we could. After a week we would be out of milk and other dairy products. We would also not have fresh fruits and veggies, but we have frozen and canned.

When I read this, it ran through my mind to actually do this. Maybe we should. For one thing, we would eat down our canned food, and we would have less to move....hahaha...

Anyway, I do think it is a good challenge. 

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