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Monday, February 6, 2012

Fringe Fleece Blanket

I just love our local library. We do such cool things. Most libraries have activities for small children and teens, but our's has things for adults too. Just a few of the the activities we've had are, a visit from a local master gardener, lunch and lecture with several health care professionals, painting a lap desk, a couple of jewelry classes (I taught both of these), internet recipes, computer classes, etc. The most recent activity the library has sponsored is Knit Wits. Basically, it is a time to bring your crochet or knitting stuff in and work on it. 
I brought in something very unusually that I have been working on
I've been crocheting with "plarn" or in other words, Walmart bags. I know all of us have a ton of these. I use them for garbage, but who has that much trash? I saw this idea on youtube and decided to try it. I'll have to blog about it another time.

Last time I went to Knit Wits, one of my friends brought in a project she was needing help with. So I'll share with you. She was working on a fringed fleece blanket.

Tonya is a BIG LSU fan, so her choice of fabric was perfect for her.
The first things you do, if you are going to use two pieces, is match the fabric wrong sides together (so the right sides are facing out). Make sure you cut off any access fabric so that the blanket is even on all four sides.
The next thing you do is cut a 4 X 4 inch square from all four corners. Tonya had this cool gadget. When I made one of these blankets, I just used a ruler. This thing made it much nicer, if you want to invest.
The next thing you do it cut 4 or 5 inch long 1 inch wide strips along all four sides.
Then you tie a knot, using both pieces of fabric. Tonya had picked a solid purple to go under the LSU fabric. So she took a piece of purple fringe and a piece of LSU fringe and tied a knot with them.
And there's your finished fringe.
If you are totally confused go here, to this youtube video. It is a really good tutorial.



  1. What a nice idea. I always like these eco conscious creative art.

    Your booties(?)are coming along very nicely.

    This weekend I also was wrapped up in a knitting project. I finished a little sweater for my grand daughter. Her birthday is on Valentines Day, Now got to mail it. I'll post it in my blog soon.

    Thank you for leaving comment in my blog. See that's how I came to know about you. You have a very nice blog. Thank you. Dita

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