Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Lately, I've been doing a lot of watching HGTV and searching the internet for ideas. That is, ideas as to how to stage my home. AND ideas as to how I am going to set up our new house.

One thing I've learned, is furniture placement is VERY important. In my post, Pool Table Blues, I talked about our pool table. Having three boys, our family enjoys playing pool. When we first listed the house, I kept asking the Realtor if I needed to take the pool table down. I really needed to know before my husband left, so he could move it into storage. Our Realtor assured us that it would be OK. It was not! In fact, once a few people came to see our home, we got tagged as the "Pool Table House," and we couldn't get anyone to come look at it. 

It's been six months since we listed, and we just relisted with a new Realtor. The first thing she said when she came to look at the house, was, "Oh, didn't this house have a pool table in it?"  I told her that was looooong gone.

Anyway, we fixed that problem, like I said MONTHS ago. We did have another issue, and that was one of our bedrooms.  Now I'm going to post some pictures, and the before pictures are messy. I would like to apologize. I told my son not to make his bed, plus, he was in the middle of sorting laundery. I forgot to take the before pictures, so, well, it's a mess!!!!
We had the bed stuck in the corner. I really never wanted it this way, but when we moved in that is how the movers set it up, and, well, we never moved it. The big dresser was a hand me down from our old set, which, by the way, I think once we move, I will be putting it back in our room; long story for a later blog....
Looks like a very plain room, doesn't it? I did have a picture on the far wall, but I took it down before we moved things.
Ok, enough depression.
So, after much contemplation and measuring, this is what my husband and I came up with:

Even though the bed is out in the middle of the room, the room seems more settled. As our new Realtor said about the other way, it looks as if you are trying to make the room look bigger. I agree.
It really is not a big bedroom. It is our smallest bedroom. If I'd been the one to draw up the plans, I would have stolen some room out of our BIG, GINORMOUS bedroom just next to this one. Yesterday, we had the Realtor caravan, and all the Realtors loved the bed. No one mentioned the small room, like had been mentioned before. So, I guess this was a good move.


  1. We're getting ready to move in to a new, bigger apartment. So I've been pinning everything I can find that I like for home organization and creative ways to do furniture.

    I do love the new bed!!!

    1. Thanks!
      I've been pinning everything too.
      Have you heard of http://www.polyvore.com
      It's a site where you can actually put ideas together to see what they look like. I've been doing some rooms.
      We got that bed in Crossett at a garage sale. It is an antique. I. LOVE. it! Did you notice the quilt? I made it from all of Miles' old t-shirts.