Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Monday, March 5, 2012


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You know those stores where you go in and everything cost $1.......or less?  Well, I just love to go in there. They have all kinds of neat stuff in there. In fact, a lot of my serving bowls and dishes came from there...the brightly colored ones...

I remember when my kids were young, my mom would take our kids in there and they would pick out Christmas gifts. They would earn their money, and one by one, my mom would take them in to the store, and they would shop. We talk about those days quite often, and Mom loves to reminisce on how each one of them shopped.  Each had their own personality when it came to shopping. One of them would look at each and every item in the store, one knew exactly what he was shopping for.

We have a new store like this around our mall area. The other day, I was out shopping with one of my friends, and neither of us had been in this new store. We decided to check it out. We slowly went down each and every isle.

When I came to the baggie and foil isle, I remembered I was about out of aluminum foil. I debated, as to whether or not to get some. I was just about out, so I decided to go ahead. This morning, I was getting ready to cook something that needed some foil. Instead of using the stuff already opened (and it was the good kind...name brand stuff), I used the dollar stuff. I opened it up, and wow! I sure know why it was only a dollar. I started laughing, and my oldest son just looked at me funny-like. I said to him, "Here, feel this." He felt it and then looked at me and asked me where I got it. It felt like tissue paper. 

Well, I guess I know why it was only $1. I usually don't get the more expensive stuff, but for this, I'm sticking to the more pricey aluminum foil.

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