Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Friday, March 9, 2012


This weeks foto friday is..............(drum roll please)


Doors? You ask, yes, doors. Do you realize how many doors we have in our homes? Well, there's all the cabinet doors in your kitchens

and bathrooms.

There's also the garage door.

You have doors that hide computers, TV's, and clothes.

There are also front doors and back doors. Your front door should be very inviting.

Both coming and

As I looked at all the doors in our house, I noticed all the door knobs.
This one is kinda ugly and outdated.
This one is old world, and dusty. I promise I do dust. Didn't notice how dusty til I cropped it. Guess I better get out the q-tips.

Those next three are too much the same; boring. 

I like this one, it's kinda quirky, like me! I have a friend that collects different knobs and puts them on her kitchen doors. Maybe I'll do that....
If we ever get into our new home......................