Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Monday, March 26, 2012

Doggie Spring Cleaning

We now have our house on the market with a new Realtor. So far, so good. When I asked our last Realtor about a Realtor caravan, I was told no one does that anymore. Funny, it had only been four years since we sold a house. Well, maybe they just don't do that here in Louisiana.

When speaking with our new Realtor before signing, one of the first things she mentioned was a Realtor caravan. Ah HA!!! So they do still do that, and even here in Louisiana.

So. Now I had to get my house beyond perfect, and get every living creature out of the house. Of course the day that they were coming, my son had a doctor appointment. Sure can't take the dog to that! I decided to take Sox to get her Spring cleaned. Normally, we give her a bath, but she needed her undercoat brushed out, nails trimmed, etc.
Isn't she pretty with her bows? By the way she HATES getting her picture taken. 
Here's the back view. She actually left the bows in for awhile. Today I noticed just one was left though.
*Sigh*, she says. "Take my picture if you must." *Roll eyes*