Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Computers Are Strange Characters

I have a traffic feed on my blog so I can track and see who comes to visit my blog. Lately, I've had someone from Lafayette, California visit over and over again. I have figured out...that's me! Weird, as I am not in California, haven't been for about 35 years. I'm not even close to California. So why is it picking me up as Lafayette, California?  In fact it really should not pick me up on there at all, as I have told it not to. When I blog, I  preview it as I write, so that's why it picks me up so many times.

I tell ya, computers are so weird sometimes..............


  1. I think it all depends on where your ISP is based. For example, a lot of my Utah readers (including my parents, until they changed ISPs) come up as being from somewhere in upstate New York, but after a little research, I learned that that's just where the ISP is located.

    1. Ya, I thought about that, but it has always had me in either Monroe, LA or Rutson, LA; it changes from time to time. All of a sudden sometime last week, it changed to Lafayette, CA.