Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Friday, March 30, 2012

Foto Friday Rain, Rain, and More Rain

When I saw that this week's Foto Friday was Rain, I was wondering why it couldn't have been last week or the week before, I had had that challenge. Both weeks we got over six inches of rain. Meaning more than a foot of rain in the past two weeks. It was hard to get out and get anything done in the yard when we get that much water. The rain had not only flooded most everyplace, but also had given such nourishment to our lawns that everything was overgrown.  Last Saturday, it was finally dry enough, and everyone was out getting their lawns mowed, weeded, etc.

Yesterday, I heard we were suppose to be getting some more rain. Joy! I'll be able to get some pictures, but then oh no! We need to get out there and get that lawn mowed.
Well, we did not beat the rain. We are suppose to be in for some more water each and everyday for the next five or six days. Welcome to Louisiana!
We heard small rumbles of thunder in the background, and all of the sudden!!!! It let loose. It poured! So, I was able to get some pictures.
Some ripples from the water dripping off our roof.
Droplets everywhere.
Wet streets and yards.
It gave me a chance to water my plants....For FREE!!!

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  1. Great pictures. Ready for our button swap?