Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Well, today is the end of an old era, and hopefully is the start of a new one. No, we are not moving, yet. We still haven't sold our house. You see, we are changing Realtors.

Our six month contract is suppose to end Thursday, but our old Realtor is coming over today to give me the signed paperwork, take down the sign, and hand over the key. Hopefully, I can get the new one in here tomorrow to sign paperwork, put up a new sign and take some pictures.

Why am I changing Realtors?  Well, since our contract ends, and we have had less than a dozen people walk through that door since September, I am hoping to start out with a fresh slate. 
View as you enter the front door
I have had so many say to me that things are slow everywhere, and that during the winter months hardly anyone looks for a house. Not so here in our area!  There is new construction EVERYWHERE!!! And----they are priced 50,000 or more than our home, and they are pretty much just like our home; and they are selling like hotcakes. The problem is, well, I can't get the Realtors to show the house!

So, we are starting all over again; with the Realtor I originally asked for, that the relocation company said I couldn't have, but now I can. Anyway, hopefully I'm doing the right thing.
Open floor plan...I LOVE!!!
You can see the dining, kitchen and living areas
Now I really don't want to bad mouth our old Realtor. She worked pretty hard. She had a couple of Realtor open houses, and one public open house. Occasionally, our house was in the paper, but in my opinion, not enough times. She DID work pretty hard, but since I have to compete with new construction, you really need to work your you know what off!

I really don't know what our new plan of action will be. But, hopefully, it will be a successful one. Hopefully, we will be on our way to Kentucky within the next few months...
View from the eat in part of the kitchen.
Notice the tray ceiling in the living room?
There is another one in the master area.


  1. If there are houses selling around you and yours is rock bottom in price, then it's the realtor. She doesn't know what she's doing. Good luck with the new one!

  2. Your house looks beautiful! I hope it works out with your new Realtor.

    And in response to your comment on my blog: That is so weird and frustrating! I can't imagine that happening. Was it on a first come basis somehow? Our tickets had section, row, and seat numbers, so I can't imagine someone taking them from us. Did Benjamin and his girlfriend get there late? I hope they can get a refund.

  3. Well - good luck... and... I am bringing you some luck on this 13th of March - send me a note when you have a moment, you won the giveaway :)