Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Guessing Game...
Usually, I am not much of a shopper, but when my mom and I get together, we always seem to go out to eat and shopping.
My parents came for a quick surprise visit. I love when they come. We found ourselves at the mall a couple of times. I was shopping for  certain things. Can you guess what it might be? Look at the above picture. It's green and fluffy....
I'll give you another hint...
Something for the home. I bought more than one kind. My mom really didn't like this one, but for some reason, I did. It called my name. Then when I saw that is was marked down from $40 to $6, it screamed my name.
A quirky pillow!
Let's play this game again.
What is this?
Need a hint? Let's see....
It can be very large or very small.
They come in different colors.
When it is alive, they are squishy, but when they are not, they are very hard.
People like to decorate with them.
They live near the water
A giant starfish. This one came from the Bahamas.
One more time.
Ya, I know. It's blurry. Can you guess?
I found it in my backyard.
Here's another picture.
This is pretty easy. But can you guess what kind?
Probably even when most of you see it, you won't know what kind.
I got it out of our garden.
Dried it and put it into an arrangement.
It's the bulb off of a garlic plant. Aren't they neat?
Here they are just popping out of their pod.
I love garlic. 
Thanks for playing the guessing game with me.


  1. Ha. I wasn't able to guess any of those, but it was fun. Who knew the garlic flower was so pretty? All my garlic died last year. Someone wonderful pulled them out thinking they were weeds. I put them back in the dirt, but they died. :( Maybe this year! I think the new pillow is cute!

  2. I guessed the starfish but that was about it lol. Love the teasing pics. Thanks for commenting on my BSBP post. I hope you play in the next blog party. I'd love to see what you make. Maybe you'll get to make that ornament after all :-)