Early July Morning, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Sunday, March 25, 2012


I have people from all over the world read my blog. I am so glad you stop by to read. Since I have such a vast audience, I would like to ask a question to all of you.

What is your opinion on having a wreath on your front door?
I have lived all over the United States; mostly the Southeastern part. Since I've been married, we have pretty much always had a wreath on our front door. Even when we lived in Utah and Indiana (neither of which are in the Southeastern United States). I was always told it was a form of "Welcome." I also like to see a bit of color on the door.
I like to change out the wreath with the season. During the Spring and Summer months, I like to have bright colors. During the fall, I will have a harvest type wreath. Christmas, I bring out my Christmas wreath. This year, I had a Mardi Gras wreath, and recently, I spruced up my wreath for Spring time. For a tutorial on how to make these wreaths, click here.
With the house on the market, we painted our front door black. I thought about putting the wreath back up, but for some reason I felt maybe I should not. I asked our Realtor, and she told me no. She said she had just recently shown a property to a couple from Oregon, and they asked her about all the wreaths. They thought it was weird. My Realtor said it was a Southern thing. I never thought of having a wreath on your front door as a Southern thing. 

So, what do you all think?  Do you have a wreath on your door? Do you think it's weird? IS it a "Southern" thing?  I would really like to hear from you.
Personally, I think our door needs something. But I guess that's just me.


  1. No wreath - remember you are trying to make your house as generic as possible. Not everyone will have your taste.

  2. Hey Gal, thanks for stopping by the other day! I'm not sure about the wreath thing. I like them, but personally i think i would feel the pressure of changing it with the seasons and the holidays! Then storing them would be a whole new question. So no wreath for me for now. LOL! We've shown the house a few times, and we do have someone interested but they are self employed and working with a lender so no offer yet? I don't know about you but our house is in a lower price range, under 160, so that may be a major factor as far as selling quickly. Where do you live now and where are you moving to?

    1. We are moving from Louisiana to Kentucky. We live in a HUGE neighborhood, mostly really big nice homes. We have some professional football and baseball players, BUT!!! we live in the smaller less $$ homes. In fact, except for one other home (that has a pool and is quite a bit smaller), we are the best priced home in the neighborhood. They are building homes much like our home with same square footage, but are asking $60,000 + more. AND they are selling. Really can't understand, because our home is fairly new. Oh well. As my husband says, they right person will come along....

  3. I think my vote is no wreath. Even thought I like them and wish I had one. But, listen to the realtor. Maybe you could put a small flowering pot on the ground by the left side of the door to add color? Good luck!

  4. I've lived all over the Midwest. I think wreaths are a Southern thing. Not a fan of them, myself, but whatever blows your hair back... :)