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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

French Country?

Had a Realtor make another comment about my home. Obviously, she did not like my decor. Well, sorry!
Her comment was that since we have a French home, we need to do French style, or French Country. 

So, what is French Country? Well, I Googled it and this is what I came up with.
First,  I Googled French kitchen chairs (noticed I did not say French Country), this is one of the pictures I saw. Guess what? These are exactly like my chairs.
Then, I Googled French kitchen table. This is a picture of one of the tables that popped up. OH! Well, that's my table, except it's not as worn looking.
Here's my table and chairs...very similar, wouldn't you say?

Then I Googled French Country bedrooms. Voila! That's pretty much my bedding! AND my bed! Except I have a foot board. The pictures I have above my bed were done by a French artist. A really good website for French Country bedrooms is here

Actually, I think their bed looks more "country" than mine (because of the gingham). You really can't see too well in this picture, but the red and white comforter on my bed is toile. Below, I linked to a site which explains about French Country. This is a little of what they had to say. Click to read the entire article.

Now if the Realtor had REALLY looked at my home, she would have noticed that my decor was NOT any "country" but rather beachy, or tropical.
Here is one of the pictures hanging in our home. I loved it because it reminded me of my three sons and one daughter. We've been to the beach many times, and this looks so much like them when they were younger. 
Here's another picture that reminds me of my two youngest boys. I even have a picture I took of them that looks just like this!
Here's one of three colorful fish mobiles I have hanging in our home. I have one cool one that is made of coconuts. I really couldn't get a good picture of it.
I have two of these fun tropical pillows on my couch. Notice the monkey and toucan?
This doesn't look anything like Early American Country...does it?
One of my tables I have beside a couch.
Here's another tropical end table.
We got this when we lived in the coastal area of North Carolina. Looks just like the area. I sure miss North Carolina!

Anyway, as you can see, my house is more like "Coastal" rather than Early American Country. In doing this research, I have found that maybe I would like to have  French Caribbean style.

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