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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oriental Style Jewelry

There is a lady at church that is always admiring my jewelry. Last Sunday, she came up to me and asked about my necklace. She said, "I bet you made that one too!" I told her that I did. She then asked if I had ever sold any of my jewelry, and I told her yes. 

When I lived in North Carolina, I actually had a small business that did pretty well. It at least paid for me to buy more beads. I had named my small business Treasures by Terry.  

She asked if I had ever done Oriental jewelry. She loves the Oriental look. I told her that most my stuff is one of a kind, but that I was sure I could come up with something. I would like to share a few pieces I've been working on.
I had asked her what colors she liked. At first she mentioned she liked red and black, then she said, oh and turquoise, and well, she just likes all colors. So my first piece I made black and red. She also mentioned she likes longer necklaces. You really can't tell in this photo, but it is pretty long. It is quite easy to just put over your head. No clasps to mess with.
Then I made these earrings to match. 

My next piece I really like. I used fans and glass beads that look like crystals and Jade.
This one has no clasp either. Just slip it over your head. You can either wear the piece with the fans directly across from each other, or wear it where some of the chain shows. 
I really like the fan earrings.

Well, since I had some beads left over, I decided to make some more stuff.
This piece is very feminine.

While I was shopping for Oriental stuff for these necklaces, I came across something I fell in love with. I just had to get it and make me a necklace.
Isn't he the cutest?
I just bought me a new dress a few weeks ago. It is the same color as this necklace, and has palm fronds all over it. I believe I might be wearing this with my new dress on Sunday.

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